AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-26Updated to version 1.0.26Alex Cabal
2019-09-18Updated to version 1.0.25Alex Cabal
2019-09-18Updated to version 1.0.24Alex Cabal
2019-09-15Updated to version 1.0.23Alex Cabal
2019-08-30Updated to version 1.0.22Alex Cabal
2019-08-29Updated to version 1.0.21Alex Cabal
2019-08-27Updated to version 1.0.20Alex Cabal
2019-08-13Updated to version 1.0.19Alex Cabal
2019-07-16Updated to version 1.0.18Alex Cabal
2019-07-07Updated to version 1.0.17Alex Cabal
2019-06-18Correcting spaces issueTassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-06-17Correcting spaces issueTassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-06-14Updated to version 1.0.16Alex Cabal
2019-06-14Updated to version 1.0.15Alex Cabal
2019-06-13Updated to version 1.0.14Alex Cabal
2019-05-16Updated to version 1.0.13Alex Cabal
2019-05-14Fixing spacing error with PKGBUILDTassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-05-13Updated to version 1.0.12Alex Cabal
2019-05-08Fixing version variableTassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-05-07Updated to version 1.0.11Alex Cabal
2019-05-07Updated to version 1.0.10Alex Cabal
2019-04-09Making the version dynamicTassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-04-05Update to 1.0.10Tassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-03-24Update to version 1.0.9Tassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-03-19Upgrading to 1.0.8Tassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-03-05Updating to version 1.0.6Tassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-02-24Updated package to v1.0.2Tassos (nakano) Natsakis
2019-02-22Creating the standardebooks packageTassos (nakano) Natsakis