AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-01Updated Version to 1.05 and outcommented the python2 build processSZanko
2019-03-31grayed out checkdepends because check isnt run anywayDavid McInnis
2019-03-30moved optdepends, updated download link, fixed typo where we turn python file...David McInnis
2019-02-22version bump to 1.0.4David McInnis
2018-07-15moved depends to different packagesDavid McInnis
2018-07-07got rid of overwriting makedependsDavid McInnis
2018-06-07commented out testDavid McInnis
2018-06-07version bumpDavid McInnis
2018-06-07version bumpDavid McInnis
2018-05-14bump versionDavid McInnis
2017-12-08bumped to bersion 1.0.0David McInnis
2017-03-23fixed python2 install issueDavid McInnis
2017-03-23bump versionDavid McInnis
2017-01-14added missing python2 packageDavid McInnis
2017-01-14fixed typoDavid McInnis
2017-01-14updated to next releaseDavid McInnis
2016-07-25corrected python2-pygpu to point to package that existsDavid McInnis
2016-07-25changed optional dependency to match name of existing package.David McInnis
2016-04-24added check dependencyDavid McInnis
2016-04-22version bumpDavid McInnis
2016-03-30point release and patch for failing test on python 3.5David McInnis
2016-03-25fixed permission issueDavid McInnis
2016-03-23bumped versionDavid McInnis
2015-10-06updated for python 3.5David McInnis
2015-09-18updated srcinfoDavid McInnis
2015-09-18commented out check() function. tests fail on i386 and with optional dependen...David McInnis
2015-09-13first commitDavid McInnis