AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-03Update to version 0.4.5AUR updater
2022-05-18Update to version 0.4.4AUR updater
2021-07-06Update to version 0.4.3AUR updater
2021-07-06Update to version 0.4.2AUR updater
2021-03-17Update to version 0.4.1AUR updater
2021-03-16Add `python-pygments` as dependency (to support colored exceptions)Ingo Meyer
2021-03-16Update to version 0.4.0AUR updater
2020-09-25Update to version 0.3.5AUR updater
2020-08-05Update references to `heimbach`Ingo Meyer
2020-04-24Update to version 0.3.4AUR updater
2020-04-23Update to version 0.3.3AUR updater
2020-04-14Update to version 0.3.2AUR updater
2020-04-14Add a `PKGBUILD` for `yacl` version v0.3.1Ingo Heimbach