AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-02add python2-setuptools to makedepends as per aur package guidelinesJulian Daube
2019-05-31update commit versionJulian Daube
2019-03-01changed to upstream, added youtube-dl as dependencyjoposter
2019-03-01change upstream url to point to valid urljoposter
2019-01-16remove conflicts because ytdl is no longer installedJulian Daube
2019-01-16add git to makedependsJulian Daube
2016-08-03package no longer provides /usr/bin/ytdl to be conform with the upstream packageJulian Daube
2016-08-03upped version number, added right conflictJulian Daube
2016-02-15upped version numberJulian Daube
2016-01-04now builds from 0.3.x branch (as suggested by ids1024)Julian Daube
2015-07-24changed version and PKGBUILD to comply with AUR package standartjoposter