AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-03remove dependency to python2-sixFlorian Jacob
2019-02-03correct license: GPL -> MITFlorian Jacob
2018-09-14update to 1.6.7Florian Jacob
2018-03-04update to 1.6.6Florian Jacob
2017-01-07update to 1.6.3Florian Jacob
2016-07-07update srcinfoFlorian Jacob
2016-07-07added gitignoreFlorian Jacob
2016-07-07remove strip to speed up compilationFlorian Jacob
2016-07-07update packageFlorian Jacob
2015-08-20Update md5sumsMilo Mirate
2015-08-18Update to version 1.5.0Milo Mirate
2015-06-08Initial importMilo Mirate