AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-0721.0.0-6: simplify depends; cleanup before pytest + set verbose outputMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-3021.0.0-5: skip one path test: might fail in modified environments (like when ...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-16updpkg 21.0.0-4: hopefully fix tests, using the universally available C.UTF-8...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-14updpkg 21.0.0-3: add back python2-pytest-runner because I didn't properly mig...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-13updpkg 21.0.0-2: fix tests, drop legacy python2-pytest-runner, narrow depende...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-13add deprecation notice to package descriptionMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-13import python2-pyopenssl 21.0.0-1 from [extra]Marcell Meszaros