AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-080.28-5: remove legacy pyxdg subpackage, improve hashbang fixMarcell Meszaros
2022-07-08refactor: add improved gitignoreMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-290.28-4: bump for fixing internal variableMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-28bump 0.28-3: change provides to metapackages: inform users of outdated refs b...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-26bump 0.28-2: disable tests: they are not self-contained nor deterministic; re...Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-26updpkg 0.28.0-1Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-18bump 0.27-2: enable testingMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-18updpkg 0.27-1Marcell Meszaros
2015-06-23feat(python2-pyxdg): initial importNikita Volodin [Никита Володин]