AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-19Update project URLMiguel de Val-Borro
2020-04-13Update to v3.6.0Miguel de Val-Borro
2020-04-05Update to v3.5.1Miguel de Val-Borro
2018-05-23v3.4.2Stuart Mumford
2016-10-29update to yt 3.3Stuart Mumford
2016-05-19Update to yt 3.2.3Stuart Mumford
2015-08-25Add a patch to to make yt command be yt2Stuart Mumford
2015-08-25Change executables to have 2 after themStuart Mumford
2015-08-25fix descriptionStuart Mumford
2015-08-25First upload of python2-ytStuart Mumford