AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-25Include 16 bit patch by @thatchTobias Kunze
2022-03-17Revert "Include pip in package"Tobias Kunze
2022-03-02Include pip in packageTobias Kunze
2022-01-01Be more specific about provided Python versionTobias Kunze
2021-09-06Update to Python 3.6.15Tobias Kunze
2021-08-04Add provides=pythonTobias Kunze
2021-06-30Add missing .SRCINFO updateTobias Kunze
2021-06-30Allow parallel buildsTobias Kunze
2021-06-30Update to Python 3.6.14Tobias Kunze
2021-02-16Update to Python 3.6.13Tobias Kunze
2020-12-22Include ARM and Pentium4Tobias Kunze
2020-09-17Update to Python 3.8.12Tobias Kunze
2020-08-04Update to Python 3.6.11Tobias Kunze
2020-04-16Bump pkgrelTobias Kunze
2020-01-20Update to Python 3.6.10Tobias Kunze
2019-10-17Add gitignoreTobias Kunze
2019-07-08Update to Python 3.6.9Tobias Kunze
2019-05-12Add system-ffi flagTobias Kunze
2019-03-27Add maintenance noteTobias Kunze
2019-01-23Update SRCINFO to 3.6.8 as wellTobias Kunze
2019-01-23Update to Python 3.6.6Tobias Kunze
2018-11-17Upgrade to Python 3.6.7Tobias Kunze
2018-08-06Python 3.7 is now in Arch LinuxTobias Kunze
2018-08-01Use CARCH instead of x86_64Tobias Kunze
2018-08-01Update to Python 3.6.6Tobias Kunze
2016-12-23Upgrade to Python-3.6.0Tobias Kunze
2016-12-22Update .SRCINFO, too.Tobias Kunze
2016-12-17Upgrade to Python-3.6.0rc2Tobias Kunze
2016-12-08Upgrade to Python-3.6.0rc1Tobias Kunze
2016-11-25Upgrade to Python-3.6.0b4Tobias Kunze
2016-11-06Remove deprecated build option --with-system-ffiTobias Kunze
2016-11-01Upgrade to Python-3.6.0b3Tobias Kunze
2016-10-11Upgrade to Python-3.6.0b2Tobias Kunze
2016-09-13Upgrade to Python-3.6.0b1Tobias Kunze
2016-09-10Initial commitTobias Kunze