AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-23Update to v1.6.0.Donald Webster
2020-03-15Update to v1.5.0.Donald Webster
2019-09-07Update to v1.4.3.Donald Webster
2019-08-30Update to v1.4.2.Donald Webster
2019-08-27Update to v1.4.1.Donald Webster
2019-08-22Update to v1.3.0.Donald Webster
2019-07-22Cleanup PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2019-07-15Update to v1.2.1.Donald Webster
2019-07-14Resolve configparser issue.Donald Webster
2019-07-14Update to v1.2.0.Donald Webster
2019-01-23Remove python-configparser from depends.Donald Webster
2018-11-27Update to v1.1.2.Donald Webster
2018-11-17Update to v1.1.1.Donald Webster
2018-10-15Update to v1.1.0.Donald Webster
2018-08-15Stop hard coding src dir and add requirements.Donald Webster
2018-08-15Update to v1.0.2.Donald Webster
2018-08-13Update to v1.0.1.Donald Webster
2018-08-09Switch to sha256.Donald Webster
2018-08-09Initial package for pyznap.Donald Webster