AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-29qelly,qelly-git: Use SHA-256 checksumsTing-Wei Lan
2017-05-14qelly-git: Add git to makedepends to fix makechrootpkgTing-Wei Lan
2017-01-01guile-ssh,guix,qelly,qelly-git: Use GPL3/LGPL3 in license fieldsTing-Wei Lan
2014-11-19qelly-git: Update git version number in the PKGBUILDTing-Wei Lan
2013-12-27qelly: Update pkgdescTing-Wei Lan
2013-10-10qelly-git: Translations are included in the executable itself nowTing-Wei Lan
2013-10-09qelly-git: Remove search path patch fileTing-Wei Lan
2013-10-09qelly-git: Include translation files and fix search path problemTing-Wei Lan
2013-10-09qelly-git: Specify absolute path when changing directoryTing-Wei Lan
2013-10-06qelly-git: 1.0a (initial commit)Ting-Wei Lan