AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-26Updated to 4.12.2Nils Czernia
2019-03-03Moved qlsplus-qt5 to qlcplus and updated to 4.12.1Nils Czernia
2018-11-29Updated to 4.12.0Nils Czernia
2018-06-18Update to 4.11.2Jerome Lebleu
2017-11-03Add a .gitignore to exclude sources tarballsJerome Lebleu
2017-11-03Update to 4.11.1Jerome Lebleu
2017-06-24Update to 4.11.0Jerome Lebleu
2017-03-06Update to 4.10.5bJerome Lebleu
2016-12-25Update to 4.10.5aJerome Lebleu
2016-06-05Update to 4.10.4Jerome Lebleu
2016-03-20Update to 4.10.3Jerome Lebleu
2015-12-18Update to 4.10.2bJerome Lebleu
2015-10-23Update to 4.10.1Jerome Lebleu
2015-10-18Update to 4.10.0Jerome Lebleu
2015-10-07Fix build error with Qt4Jerome Lebleu
2015-09-21Download sources from QLC+ websiteJerome Lebleu
2015-07-08Update to 4.9.1Jerome Lebleu
2015-06-28Update to 4.9.0Jerome Lebleu
2015-06-26Initial importJerome Lebleu