AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-16update SRCINFOLuis Batalha
2022-11-16use make, remove commit pinningLuis Batalha
2022-04-05add runtime libpng dependency for qoibenchLuis Batalha
2022-04-05update SRCINFOLuis Batalha
2022-04-05bump version, change to gcc linking of stb, add global libpng makedependLuis Batalha
2022-01-25update SRCINFO for r172.0db7d65Luis Batalha
2022-01-25update to r172.0db7d65, add gitignoreLuis Batalha
2021-12-08update to r42.03c7ab1Luis Batalha
2021-11-28update to r21.f0a38c1Luis Batalha
2021-11-25Initial ReleaseLuis Batalha