AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-01Update metadata.Ammon Smith
2018-04-07Bump qotd-git version to v0.12.0.Ammon Smith
2017-06-18Switch to github.Ammon Smith
2017-04-17Bump version.Ammon Smith
2017-04-17Increase qotd-git version.Ammon Smith
2017-03-15Update PKGBUILD style.Ammon Smith
2017-02-04Update version.Ammon Smith
2017-01-14Update version.Ammon Smith
2016-10-12Fixed inconsistent indentation.Ammon Smith
2016-08-08Bump to version 0.9.4Ammon Smith
2016-08-07Force package update.Ammon Smith
2016-08-04Relink PKGBUILD.Ammon Smith
2016-08-03Update package.Ammon Smith
2016-06-25Update qotd-git to 0.7.2Ammon Smith
2016-06-20Change package description.Ammon Smith
2016-06-18Fix systemd issue.Ammon Smith
2016-06-18Add systemd service file installation.Ammon Smith
2016-06-18Add pdf to docs.Ammon Smith
2016-06-18Makefile is fancier.Ammon Smith
2016-06-15Fix naming issue.Ammon Smith
2016-06-15Fixed installation bugs.Ammon Smith
2016-06-15Update qotd source.Ammon Smith
2016-06-02Add stack protection to qotdAmmon Smith
2016-04-24New update.Ammon Smith
2016-04-14Add license to /usr/share/licensesAmmon Smith
2016-04-13Actually update versionAmmon Smith
2016-04-13Git repo update.dAmmon Smith
2016-04-13Update PKGBUILD version.Ammon Smith
2016-04-13Update package because of bugfix.Ammon Smith
2016-03-27Change to Gitlab.Ammon Smith
2016-03-06Update documentation.Ammon Smith
2016-03-06Didn't mksrcinfoAmmon Smith
2016-03-06Updated for v0.4.0Ammon Smith
2016-02-22Removed systemd optional dependency.Ammon Smith
2016-02-22Added files to pacsave.Ammon Smith
2016-02-07Added systemd optional dependency.Ammon Smith
2016-02-07Clang compatibility.Ammon Smith
2016-02-05Initial commit.Ammon Smith