AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-21Update toolchain pathDonald Carr
2018-03-21Update the aarch64 toolchain to use stripped binariesDonald Carr
2018-03-21Bump gcc to 7.3.0 for aarch64 Raspberry Pi 3Donald Carr
2016-09-13Articulate all 3 toolchainsDonald Carr
2016-09-12Allow convenient packaging of armv7/aarch64 toolchainsDonald Carr
2016-08-18Start to facilitate discrete toolchains installed from the same PKGBUILDDonald Carr
2016-08-10Adjust toolchain nameDonald Carr
2016-08-10Move to 6.1Donald Carr
2016-01-05Stripping toolchains cripples them, it turns outDonald Carr
2016-01-05Fix speedy oversightDonald Carr
2016-01-05Initial commit of rpi-toolchainDonald Carr