AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-14Fix hostname typoDonald Carr
2016-01-14Fix piver failureDonald Carr
2016-01-14Library prefix to prevent confusion in coexistenceDonald Carr
2016-01-14Sync qpi.install between qpi1/2 packagesDonald Carr
2016-01-14Generalize toolchain registrationDonald Carr
2016-01-14Introduce a variety of useful configure flagsDonald Carr
2016-01-14Allow for Qt specialization based on targetDonald Carr
2016-01-13grabbing controls master repo is courting build failure/disasterDonald Carr
2016-01-13Stop littering the place with git reposDonald Carr
2016-01-13All PKGBUILD install methods unfortunately need to be definedDonald Carr
2016-01-13Register Qt for the Raspberry Pi with Qt CreatorDonald Carr
2016-01-13Add qtcreator as a dependencyDonald Carr
2016-01-13qpi-toolchain is an ongoing dependencyDonald Carr
2016-01-08Fix various documentation issuesDonald Carr
2016-01-08Document build quirks handed down from ChromiumDonald Carr
2016-01-08Force webengine build attemptDonald Carr
2016-01-08Change pkgname to reduce pi1/pi2 delta to one fieldDonald Carr
2016-01-08Change pkgname to reduce pi1/pi2 delta to one fieldDonald Carr
2016-01-08Adopt float instead of double precisionDonald Carr
2016-01-08Adjust descriptionDonald Carr
2016-01-07Update package revisionDonald Carr
2016-01-07Attempt to create discrete host/target packagesDonald Carr
2016-01-05Document wayland usage hintsDonald Carr
2016-01-05Package has changed, reflect thisDonald Carr
2016-01-05Include qtwayland supportDonald Carr
2016-01-02Minimize verbiage from compileDonald Carr
2016-01-02Remove xcbDonald Carr
2016-01-01Warn us on EGL failureDonald Carr
2016-01-01Grow documentationDonald Carr
2016-01-01Document mount processDonald Carr
2016-01-01Add note about .SRCINFO generationDonald Carr
2016-01-01Introduce PKGBUILD for cross compiling Qt for the Raspberry Pi 2Donald Carr