AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-22Update to 0.2.4Donald Carr
2018-04-27Update to 0.2.3Donald Carr
2018-01-04Advance to tag 0.2.2 which builds against Qt 5.10Donald Carr
2018-01-04Update to 0.2.1 tagDonald Carr
2017-10-10Update to 0.2.0 tagDonald Carr
2017-09-28Have -git package conflict with tagged packageDonald Carr
2017-09-26Start packaging from tags in non-git suffixed packageDonald Carr
2017-09-24Constrain use of Qt gtk backend to Gnome sessionDonald Carr
2017-09-24Update version informationDonald Carr
2017-09-24Use upstream repo as build insanity is fixedDonald Carr
2017-09-23Fix name of profile.d fileDonald Carr
2017-09-23Initial commit of qt gtk platform backend for Qt 5Donald Carr