AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
34 hoursenable lttngDonald Carr
7 daysEnable mold lto which requires the use of onetbb-git at presentDonald Carr
8 daysMove to 6.5.0rcDonald Carr
9 daysGet compiling on vortexDonald Carr
13 daysCease to spam stdout for aur usersDonald Carr
13 daysMove to cmake buildsDonald Carr
2021-09-27Move to 6.2.0 rc2Donald Carr
2021-09-08Start to include the docs in sdk buildsDonald Carr
2021-09-04Cease to exclude toolsDonald Carr
2021-09-04Update to Qt 6.2.0Donald Carr
2021-04-18Reflect change to source materialDonald Carr
2021-04-18Upgrade to Qt 6.1 beta3Donald Carr
2021-02-18Upgrade to 6.1 alphaDonald Carr
2020-12-09Update to Qt 6.0.0 finalDonald Carr
2020-11-25Clean up qt-sdk recipeDonald Carr
2020-11-23We need clang, cmake and ninjaDonald Carr
2020-11-23Clean up SRCINFODonald Carr
2020-11-23Remove all reference to raspberry piDonald Carr
2020-11-23Remove stale python2 symlinkDonald Carr
2020-11-23Remove stale patchesDonald Carr
2020-11-23import qt-sdk-raspberry-piDonald Carr