AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-09Get Qt 5.12.1 to a functioning state on the tinkerboard againDonald Carr
2019-02-08Update to Qt 5.12.1Donald Carr
2019-01-19Fix up tinkerboardDonald Carr
2019-01-13Everything but static builds should default to including debug symbolsDonald Carr
2019-01-13Adjust the raspberry pi 2 configuration to favour mesa by defaultDonald Carr
2018-11-20Prevent default mesa config from screwing us on non-pi platformsDonald Carr
2018-11-15Remove journald depDonald Carr
2018-11-15Get GLES2 as a first class citizen on x86_64 hardwareDonald Carr
2018-11-13Update pkgrel number to 4Donald Carr
2018-11-13Avoid neon related fuckery on linkDonald Carr
2018-11-13Use upstream tinkerboard spec for MESA centric mkspec (might be modern mali dev)Donald Carr
2018-11-13Revert "Work towards functional tinkerboard"Donald Carr
2018-11-13Update to Qt 5.12 beta4Donald Carr
2018-10-19Work towards functional tinkerboardDonald Carr
2018-10-19Roll back to old glibc toolchain; hopefully libmali will link nowDonald Carr
2018-10-18Attempt to use gcc 8.2Donald Carr
2018-10-18Move to beta2Donald Carr
2018-10-17Remove toolchain dep for tinkerboardDonald Carr
2018-10-15accessibiltiy is very broadly used; reintroduce in minimal imageDonald Carr
2018-10-13Remove widgets since I am the only consumer :DDonald Carr
2018-10-09Update .SRCINFODonald Carr
2018-10-09Remove gnarly /usr/include breaking the buildDonald Carr
2018-10-08Remove examplesDonald Carr
2018-10-08Update to Qt 5.12 beta 1Donald Carr
2018-10-08Remove stale "testing" considerationsDonald Carr
2018-06-28Make the sdktool based qtcreator install script _less_ brokenDonald Carr
2018-06-27Reflect current pkg information on the webDonald Carr
2018-06-27Update to Qt 5.11.1Donald Carr
2018-06-10qtdeclarative does not currently build with qreal=floatDonald Carr
2018-06-10Use float for static buildsDonald Carr
2018-06-08Dont use vortex unless the build dir existsDonald Carr
2018-06-08Move to Qt 5.11 releaseDonald Carr
2018-04-18Fix gles2 snafuDonald Carr
2018-04-05Enable desktop GL on the raspberry pi 3 aarch VC4 stackDonald Carr
2018-04-05Make uber minimal a bit less braindead; eglfs is the targetDonald Carr
2018-03-31Fix static path breakageDonald Carr
2018-03-22Fix additional oversightDonald Carr
2018-03-22Fix dependency oversightDonald Carr
2018-03-22Allow forcing of debugDonald Carr
2018-03-22Consolidate static/host buildsDonald Carr
2018-03-22Correct shuffling of files around for new /opt/qt prefixDonald Carr
2018-03-22Reduce extent of hacksDonald Carr
2018-03-22Clean up recipeDonald Carr
2018-03-22Build all SDKs under /opt/qtDonald Carr
2018-03-22Restore host-prefix on non-static buildsDonald Carr
2018-03-22Correct logic faux pas in uber-minimal configDonald Carr
2018-03-22Update version infoDonald Carr
2018-03-22Only build qtbase/qtdeclarativeDonald Carr
2018-03-21Adjust aarch64 compiler pathDonald Carr
2018-03-21Move to the 5.11 beta2Donald Carr