AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-05Pulseaudio, mtdev and libinput should be a depsDonald Carr
2016-06-05Move to 5.7.0-rcDonald Carr
2016-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'pi2/master'Donald Carr
2016-04-26Bump version detailsDonald Carr
2016-04-26Move to 5.7.0-betaDonald Carr
2016-04-22Undo workaround surrounding packaging directory issuesDonald Carr
2016-04-22Bump version to Qt 5.7.0-betaDonald Carr
2016-04-11Bump versionsDonald Carr
2016-04-11Remove icu from Qt regardless of web engineDonald Carr
2016-04-10Allow cleanup and mksrcinfo to coexistDonald Carr
2016-04-10Bump release versionDonald Carr
2016-03-24Start dogfooding my mkspec related changesDonald Carr
2016-03-23Adjust qtlocation patch for alpha releaseDonald Carr
2016-03-23Build qtlocation now that we patch itDonald Carr
2016-03-23Introduce qtlocation patchDonald Carr
2016-03-21Prevent qpi.install persistenceDonald Carr
2016-03-21Update version numbersDonald Carr
2016-03-16Fix textual oversight -sionDonald Carr
2016-03-16Only allow one qpi install per targetDonald Carr
2016-03-16Chromium assumes thumb and neon co-exist; we have no thumb on ARMv8Donald Carr
2016-03-15Keep on patching Qt webengineDonald Carr
2016-03-15Try to patch webengine to build neon support on the Pi3Donald Carr
2016-03-15Bump versionDonald Carr
2016-03-15No longer require wayland work aroundDonald Carr
2016-03-15Move to in source build to get qtwayland compilingDonald Carr
2016-03-14Re-instate 5.6.0 as resting defaultDonald Carr
2016-03-14Build the 5.7.0-alphaDonald Carr
2016-03-08Fix my use of "replaces" fieldDonald Carr
2016-03-08Widgets is not extricated enough for me to do thisDonald Carr
2016-03-07We should be using journald everywhereDonald Carr
2016-03-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'pi2/master'Donald Carr
2016-03-03Regenerate srcinfoDonald Carr
2016-03-03Shipping 10 at presentDonald Carr
2016-03-03Pretty sure "replaces" is why every pacman -Syu prompts to updateDonald Carr
2016-03-03Resolve conflictsDonald Carr
2016-02-26Update the insanity upstreamDonald Carr
2016-02-26Introduce a couple static linking considerationsDonald Carr
2016-02-26Skip webengine when building staticallyDonald Carr
2016-02-23Full bumpDonald Carr
2016-02-23Making sure -O3 pollution is not negatively impacting usDonald Carr
2016-02-23There is no sense building qtenginio when it is discontinuedDonald Carr
2016-02-23Don't check the dependencies of the target libs packageDonald Carr
2016-02-23Move from 5.6.0-beta to 5.6.0-rcDonald Carr
2016-02-22Fonts are now part of the Qt libs dependency setDonald Carr
2016-02-22On 7th packaging iterationDonald Carr
2016-02-19Record all Qt Web Engine deps in dependency graphDonald Carr
2016-02-19Start to build web engine by defaultDonald Carr
2016-02-19Record the target depedencies in the PKGBUILDDonald Carr
2016-02-19Remove the version information from the Qt tools pathDonald Carr
2016-02-18Add wayland compositor support (prone to breakage) to options listDonald Carr