AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-29Move to QtCreator 10Donald Carr
2022-11-17Bump to the rcDonald Carr
2022-11-17Move to lld since lto might be enabled and mold does not jive with itDonald Carr
2022-11-16mold does not jive with ltoDonald Carr
2022-10-12Update to Qt Creator 9.0.0-beta1Donald Carr
2022-07-21Update to 8.0.0 final releaseDonald Carr
2022-07-08Update to 8.0.0 rc1Donald Carr
2022-05-24Update to 7.0.2Donald Carr
2022-04-28Bump Qt Creator to 7.0.1Donald Carr
2022-03-28Update to Qt Creator 7 releaseDonald Carr
2022-03-15Bump to 7.0.0 rc1Donald Carr
2022-02-28update to Qt Creator 7.0.0 beta 2Donald Carr
2022-02-11Not much point in crashpad with no-one processsing the dumps nor capturing th...Donald Carr
2022-02-11Bump to Qt Creator 7.0 betaDonald Carr
2022-01-23Update to Qt Creator 6.0.2Donald Carr
2022-01-14python2 no moreDonald Carr
2022-01-14Update to 6.0.1Donald Carr
2021-12-02Update to Qt Creator 6.0Donald Carr
2021-11-22Update to 6.0.0 rc1Donald Carr
2021-10-28Update to QtCreator 6.0.0 beta 2Donald Carr
2021-10-01Update to 5.0.2Donald Carr
2021-09-17Update to Qt Creator 5.0.1Donald Carr
2021-08-26Update to Qt Creator 5.0 finalDonald Carr
2021-08-14Update to rc1Donald Carr
2021-07-24Switch to qmake6, remove clang as clang + Qt 6 barfsDonald Carr
2021-07-24Move builds to Qt 6Donald Carr
2021-07-24Update to Qt Creator 5.0.0 betaDonald Carr
2021-04-26Update to 4.15 rc1Donald Carr
2021-03-28Update to 4.15 beta 2Donald Carr
2020-12-21Update to QtCreator 4.14 final releaseDonald Carr
2020-11-22Bump to Qt Creator 4.14 beta 2Donald Carr
2020-11-04Cheers Qt WebEngineDonald Carr
2020-11-04Update to QtCreator 4.14 beta1Donald Carr
2020-10-07Upgrade to Qt Creator 4.13.2Donald Carr
2020-08-26Move to Qt Creator 5.13 properDonald Carr
2020-08-18Update to QtCreator 4.13rc1Donald Carr
2020-07-30Update to 4.13.0beta2Donald Carr
2020-06-18Update to 4.12.3Donald Carr
2020-06-03Upgrade to 4.12.2Donald Carr
2020-05-21update to 4.12.1Donald Carr
2020-05-04Simplify PKGBUILD to a functional oneDonald Carr
2020-04-30Fix build against clang 10; rederive from standard Arch qt-creator recipeDonald Carr
2020-04-30update to Qt Creator 4.12 finalDonald Carr
2020-04-06upgrade to 4.12 rcDonald Carr
2020-03-07Upgrade Qt Creator to 4.12Donald Carr
2020-01-20update to Qt Creator 4.11 finalDonald Carr
2019-11-04Update to 4.11.0beta2Donald Carr
2019-10-18Update to qtcreator 4.11Donald Carr
2019-09-13Update to 4.10 finalDonald Carr
2019-08-02Update to QtCreator RC1Donald Carr