AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-10Update to 1.52Slashbunny
2018-05-29Update to version 1.51Slashbunny
2018-04-15Update mirrorsSlashbunny
2018-01-20Include CPMA maps in package, otherwise the package is unusableSlashbunny
2018-01-16Update to 1.50Slashbunny
2016-01-16Updated CPMA website, mirror, upstream now includes all mapsSlashbunny
2014-07-30update checksumsSlashbunny
2014-07-30Update command used to launch cpmaSlashbunny
2013-12-25Minor cleanup/modernization of PKGBUILDSlashbunny
2012-11-21Fix CPMA urlsSlashbunny
2010-07-31Updated to 1.48, updated to latest pkgbuild standardsSlashbunny
2009-08-12Initial commit of personal PKGBUILDs for Arch LinuxSlashbunny