AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-14Remove myself from maintainersAndrey Vihrov
2020-07-31Update to 1.6.2Andrey Vihrov
2017-11-20Update to 1.6.1Andrey Vihrov
2017-11-09Update to 1.6.0Andrey Vihrov
2017-06-14Update to 1.5.2Andrey Vihrov
2017-05-23Update to 1.5.1Andrey Vihrov
2017-01-05Update to 1.5Andrey Vihrov
2016-11-15Update to 1.4.5Andrey Vihrov
2016-10-08Update to 1.4.4Andrey Vihrov
2016-09-30Update to 1.4.3Andrey Vihrov
2016-09-16Update to 1.4.2Andrey Vihrov
2016-06-28Upstream package has changedAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-19Small install improvementsAndrey Vihrov
2016-03-19Do not rename .txt files to .txt.cfg — ioquake3 seems to handle them just f...Andrey Vihrov
2015-07-04Use mod-only packageAndrey Vihrov
2015-07-04Bump version, install license fileAndrey Vihrov
2015-06-14Initial importAndrey Vihrov