AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-19Added sdl2 for building with chrootzoidby
2023-10-29Another fix for file naming on x86_64 due to upstream changeszoidby
2023-10-01Removed no longer required libxxf86dga; Addressed file naming changes; Introd...zoidby
2023-04-23Updated .SRCINFOzoidby
2023-04-23Use https for GitHub URLzoidby
2021-12-27Changed versioning in PKGBUILDzoidby
2021-12-02Reverted a path change in quake3e.desktopzoidby
2021-12-02Fixed various path issues after the move to /opt/quake3zoidby
2021-12-02Moved to /opt/quake3; Fixed versioningzoidby
2021-03-11Added provides=zoidby
2021-03-11Added compatibility for modszoidby
2020-09-08Fixed source=()zoidby
2020-09-07Initial commitzoidby