AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-260.71.0Andrew Sun
2019-11-02quex: update to 0.70.0Andrew Sun
2019-05-31quex: update to 0.69.4Andrew Sun
2019-04-20quex: update to 0.69.3Andrew Sun
2018-02-23Update versionTarn Burton
2017-06-10Update to v0.67.5Tarn Burton
2016-12-20Fix version numberTarn Burton
2016-12-19Version update 0.66.5-1 -> 0.65-1Tarn Burton
2016-12-16Bump versionTarn Burton
2016-12-14Version update -> 0.65-1Tarn Burton
2016-12-14Version update 0.65.10-1 -> 0.65-1Tarn Burton
2016-01-23Updated SRCINFOTarn Burton
2016-01-23Fixed licenseTarn Burton
2016-01-21Initial commit.Tarn Burton