AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysFix some videos not playing (on 4chan for example), caused by option removed ...dec05eba
2024-06-27Add local_anime.sort_episodes_by_name config to allow sorting episodes differ...dec05eba
2024-05-09Fix build after gcc update (function pointer cast, missing algorithm header i...dec05eba
2024-04-17Fix possible freeze in video player when closing it, or it moving to the next...dec05eba
2024-04-03Sponsorblock: add api_endpoint optiondec05eba
2024-04-03Youtube: fallback to yt-dlp, add support for sponsorblock (as config, autoskips)dec05eba
2024-03-31Fix youtube comments/replies sometimes missing after youtube updatedec05eba
2024-03-05Matrix: ctrl+v only copy file if clipboard text contains absolute filepathdec05eba
2024-02-18Dramacool: fix search thumbnails, fix video playback (fallback to other sourc...dec05eba
2024-01-08Kill children instead of terminating themdec05eba
2024-01-08waitpid after kill, lower latency for nvidiadec05eba
2024-01-06Matrix: fix parsing room alias, show unimplemented messages as regu...dec05eba
2023-12-23Force window focus mpvdec05eba
2023-12-20Matrix: revert not clearing text on esc, make it an option 'matrix.clear_mess...dec05eba
2023-12-18mkdir with -pdec05eba
2023-12-17Matrix: reset edit text if edit text emptydec05eba
2023-12-17Matrix: keep edited in progress message on esc, clear text when going from ed...dec05eba
2023-12-16Matrix: keep chat message when pressing esc or going back to previous page. P...dec05eba
2023-12-09matrix: fix glitches room avatar after saucenao viewdec05eba
2023-12-09Local anime: parse SXXEXX patterndec05eba
2023-12-08Only input focus if dialogdec05eba
2023-12-08Add class hint, wm name, window type, transient fordec05eba
2023-12-04Support bmp and avifdec05eba
2023-11-29Playlist skip unplayable itemsdec05eba
2023-11-28Assume watch?v= is a youtube urldec05eba
2023-11-15Add < and > to navigate playlistdec05eba
2023-11-05Add config option to set movement speed and icon spinning speeddec05eba
2023-10-30Revert: dont hardcore backspace and q for quitdec05eba
2023-10-30Youtube: do proper playlist pagination, show playlist videos views and upload...dec05eba
2023-10-29Youtube: support playlistsdec05eba
2023-10-14Remove dependency on yt-dlp for youtubedec05eba
2023-10-06Matrix: fix message being incorrectly formatted if source-highlight is not in...dec05eba
2023-10-05Update html parserdec05eba
2023-10-05Debug log on pgp errordec05eba
2023-10-04minor anilist format changedec05eba
2023-09-27Comma separate invidious feed viewsdec05eba
2023-09-27Add support for invidious popular feed (new config option)dec05eba
2023-09-11Add font specific scale configdec05eba
2023-09-11Font config use correct path for absolute pathdec05eba
2023-08-25Add low latency config optiondec05eba
2023-07-30Youtube: fix some videos (disable av1, breaks mpv), allow webmdec05eba
2023-07-29Ctrl+Shift+S: Create a new name for file instead of replacing existing onedec05eba
2023-07-25Mangadex: skip all chapters that need to be read on an external url (mangaplu...dec05eba
2023-07-15Text: fix text sometimes being outside area, fix down arrow not going to end ...dec05eba
2023-07-12Attempt to fix slowdown regressiondec05eba
2023-07-09Set fps limit (even when vsync is enabled) for retards who disable vsync syst...dec05eba
2023-07-08Youtube: fix livestream not working (filtered out by yt-dlp)dec05eba
2023-07-03Lbry: fix video not playable sometime (add odysee referer header)dec05eba
2023-07-03Fix some lbry videos not working (non m3u8 streams)dec05eba
2023-06-30Dont show spinning circle when thumbnail failed to loaddec05eba