AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 hoursFix replying/edit mentiondec05eba
3 hoursMention appendixdec05eba
3 hoursAdd mention autocompletedec05eba
30 hoursAdd ctrl+i to either open urls in browser or reverse image search. Also fix c...dec05eba
33 hoursFallback to screen size if fail to get monitor sizedec05eba
34 hoursappdec05eba
34 hoursPossible crash fix for old nvidia proprietary driver with randrdec05eba
44 hoursAllow scrolling to enddec05eba
44 hoursKeep selected item inside body on resizedec05eba
45 hours:(dec05eba
45 hoursMake body movement smooth, async load video related videos to allow cancellat...dec05eba
2 daysUse vertex buffer for rendering textdec05eba
3 daysFix manganelo id for manga with <= 2 characters, force redraw manga image aft...dec05eba
3 daysUse std::array to auto copy array in textdec05eba
3 daysReset failed fetch status after searchdec05eba
5 daysShow local time for, soundcloud and spotify. Add sukebeidec05eba
5 daysFix soundcloud not loading all playlist tracks, auto load next page if bottom...dec05eba
6 daysRevert body item snap to bottom behavior when resizing windowdec05eba
6 daysAdd file and folder icons to file managerdec05eba
6 daysAllow downloading files on matrix. Also download the file with enterdec05eba
6 daysSkip duplicate chapters (different translators)dec05eba
6 daysFix mangadex chapter orderdec05eba
6 daysOnce upon a time there was a turtle. The turtle was retarded and didn't know ...dec05eba
7 days4chan: show the replied to messages when navigating repliesdec05eba
7 daysFix join room crashdec05eba
7 daysDo not move selected room item after filteringdec05eba
7 daysParse content disposition better (when it contains encoding)dec05eba
7 daysFix download of youtube no audio, also dont use youtube-dl for matrix downloadsdec05eba
7 daysYoutube-dl cant properly extract remote file name, use our own extraction cod...dec05eba
7 daysLimit download menu to monitor sizedec05eba
7 daysImprove file saving guidec05eba
8 daysFix ctrl+sdec05eba
8 daysUse correct video url when copying to clipboard/saving when navigating to nex...dec05eba
8 daysAdd downloader, fix room navigation lagdec05eba
9 daysDisable navigation when input is enableddec05eba
9 daysRedesign login, refactor keyboard movementdec05eba
10 daysHandle youtube cookies initialization failure, reorder youtube tabsdec05eba
12 daysAllow to reverse image search video thumbnail, add reverse image search to sa...dec05eba
12 daysAdd ctrl+i reverse image search to 4chan, add saucenao to launcherdec05eba
12 daysAdd saucenao, Upgrade mangadex api to the new onedec05eba
13 daysShow youtube recommendations instead of local recommendations from related vi...dec05eba
13 daysFix red color when reply to us is edited(2)dec05eba
13 daysBetter color marking for mentionsdec05eba
13 daysPrepare youtube for auto fetch of api key, add author name for subscriptions ...dec05eba
2021-05-04Use x11 on wayland, to make mpv embedding possibledec05eba
2021-05-03Add readm.orgdec05eba
2021-05-02Make submit async, sort manga combined view by manga service name, show corre...dec05eba
2021-04-30Remove temporary file created for .webp thumbnailsdec05eba
2021-04-30Add 4chan file uploaddec05eba
2021-04-30Support webp thumbnailsdec05eba