AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03Matrix: sync with filter, lazy member fetch (reducing sync time from 35 sec w...dec05eba
2020-11-01Matrix: do not show notification for cache sync messagesdec05eba
2020-11-01Make youtube-dl dependency optionaldec05eba
2020-11-01Matrix: cache syncdec05eba
2020-11-01Matrix: immediately remove room from gui on leave instead of waiting for sync...dec05eba
2020-11-01Matrix: create room immediately after receiving join response, instead of wai...dec05eba
2020-11-01Matrix: add invites tab, add /leave command, remove room when leaving, add as...dec05eba
2020-10-31Remove explicit opengl versiondec05eba
2020-10-31Do not load fonts that are not used in Text)dec05eba
2020-10-31Matrix: cancel tasks when leaving chat page. This fixes delay in chat page cl...dec05eba
2020-10-31Make matrix posting, deleting, replying, edit async and video check if stream...dec05eba
2020-10-30Fix matrix logout, cancel video download and add support for korean and all c...dec05eba
2020-10-29Properly cleanup embedded text items (2)dec05eba
2020-10-29Properly cleanup embedded text itemsdec05eba
2020-10-29Matrix: download unstreamable videos before playing them (mp4)dec05eba
2020-10-29Add matrix room tags, implement pagination for mangadex, re-add manganelo cre...dec05eba
2020-10-22Matrix: improve pinned messages viewdec05eba
2020-10-22Matrix: add pinned messages tabdec05eba
2020-10-22Matrix: temporary disable vim keys that interfer with room search, also inclu...dec05eba
2020-10-21Workaround sfml thread race condition when loading imagesdec05eba
2020-10-21Matrix: fix room sorting for unread messages/mentionsdec05eba
2020-10-21Use correct size for thumbnail creationdec05eba
2020-10-21Matrix: dont count edit/redacts as new unread messages in a room, update loca...dec05eba
2020-10-21Matrix: sort rooms by mention/unread messages, fix thumbnail fallback size be...dec05eba
2020-10-20Cache video to temporary file instead of memory, add thumbnail loading animationdec05eba
2020-10-19Fix threading crash (assigning to a new thread before the thread has died), c...dec05eba
2020-10-19Load thumbnails with multiple threads, use sha256 for saving image to path in...dec05eba
2020-10-19Change thumbnail creation from nearest neighbor to linear interpolation, set ...dec05eba
2020-10-19Matrix: add room search, move rooms with mentions/unread messages to topdec05eba
2020-10-19Add pagination to ph and mangatowndec05eba
2020-10-19Ph: fix related videos images and titles missing or incorrect. Use message ty...dec05eba
2020-10-18Matrix: add support for mp4 files with ftypmp42 magic numberdec05eba
2020-10-18Matrix: add a proper URI parser instead of regex for opening links. Show rela...dec05eba
2020-10-18Fix potential crash in thumbnail loader: 2dec05eba
2020-10-18Fix potential crash in thumbnail loaderdec05eba
2020-10-18Set body item scale size, only used right now in matrix for scaling avatardec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: update room list when joining a room (in another client) without rest...dec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: use cached joined_rooms instead of calling to server. Construct doesn...dec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: make text that mentions us reddec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: make displayname more bright, add circle mask shader for avatar/room ...dec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: show reply messages embedded in messages that reply to them, like ele...dec05eba
2020-10-17Matrix: edit/redact the referenced message instead of appending a new message...dec05eba
2020-10-16Matrix: add ctrl+v pasting to upload media file, vim key navigationdec05eba
2020-10-16Mangadex: show search results in same order as website (not timestamp sorted)dec05eba
2020-10-16Matrix: use rapidjson instead of jsoncpp to decrease memory usage from 58mb t...dec05eba
2020-10-15Matrix: show users without a username (as user id)dec05eba
2020-10-15Youtube: fetch next page in search when reaching bottom, add view count and o...dec05eba
2020-10-15Youtube: make video order match youtube more...dec05eba
2020-10-14Youtube: change order of search result to match youtube websitedec05eba
2020-10-14Test: fix image loading stutter of body itemsdec05eba