AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-06Build w/ qt6 by defaultBenjamin O
2023-10-20Update kimageformats dependencyBenjamin O
2023-08-18add qtx11-extras dependencyBenjamin O
2023-08-10switch back to qt5, since it's not really ideal to use it on arch right nowjurplel
2023-08-10Use qmake6jurplel
2023-08-10Update to 6.0jurplel
2022-01-16Add qt5-tools makedepBenjamin O
2022-01-14qView 5.0 updatejurplel
2020-10-30qView 4.0jurplel
2020-01-12forgot to modify srcinfo...jurplel
2020-01-12update to 3.0jurplel
2019-05-26forgot to change the checksumBenjamin O
2019-05-26Updated to 2.0 and changed url againBenjamin O
2019-01-03updated old links - part 2Benjamin O
2019-01-03updated old linksBenjamin O
2018-09-01initial commitBenjamin O