AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-23fixed default profile writing bugjahendrie
2019-12-24Removed old depency on pyqt5-commonjahendrie
2019-10-02Updated requirementsjahendrie
2019-10-02Fixed a bug with writing profilesjahendrie
2019-10-02Fixed a bug with the .desktop filejahendrie
2019-10-01Improved icon class a bitjahendrie
2019-09-30Improved playlist and mp3 supportjahendrie
2019-09-28added profiles, changed config structurejahendrie
2019-05-10Added import/export URLs, read from stdinjahendrie
2018-01-22Added a 'free space' labeljahendrie
2018-01-20Fixed config creation bugjahendrie
2018-01-12Reordered the file menu a bitjahendrie
2017-12-22Added option to prevent duplicate URLs in queuejahendrie
2017-12-03Added a desktop file, changed iconjahendrie
2017-11-28Initial commitjahendrie