AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 days[lilac] updated to 3.9.5-1BioArchLinuxBot
2023-07-17[lilac] updated to 3.9.4-3BioArchLinuxBot
2022-12-13CRAN gtools 3.9.4Daniel H. Neilson
2022-07-25Add r as a dependencyDaniel H. Neilson
2022-07-20r-gtools 3.9.3Daniel H. Neilson
2022-06-24Add Robert Greener as contributorDaniel H. Neilson
2022-06-24CRAN gtools H. Neilson
2021-06-133.8.2 => 3.9.2Daniel H. Neilson
2021-01-11r-gtools 3.8.2 initial AUR packageDaniel H. Neilson