AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-15[lilac] updated to 1.4.7-1BioArchLinuxBot
2023-07-17[lilac] updated to 1.4.6-2BioArchLinuxBot
2023-06-26r-httr 1.4.6Daniel H. Neilson
2023-03-02add alhirzel as co-maintainer in PKGBUILDDaniel H. Neilson
2023-03-02r-httr 1.4.5 updpkgsumsDaniel H. Neilson
2023-03-01r-httr 1.4.5Daniel H. Neilson
2022-08-19r-httr 1.4.4Daniel H. Neilson
2022-05-11Update for CRAN httr 1.4.3Daniel H. Neilson
2020-11-14r-httr 1.4.2-1 .SRCINFODaniel H. Neilson
2020-11-14r-httr 1.4.2-1=
2020-04-19updpkg: r-httr 1.4.1-1Filipe LaĆ­ns
2019-05-10fix typoFFY00
2019-05-10make r-testthat a make dependencyFFY00
2019-05-10upg 1.4.0FFY00
2019-03-24Re-upload package to AURWard Segers
2018-06-12Update dependsAlex Branham
2018-06-10Specify minimum versionsAlex Branham
2018-05-31Upkg 1.3.1Alex Branham
2016-08-11updateXiang Gao
2016-08-11init versionXiang Gao