AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-04[lilac] updated to 1.8.8-1BioArchLinuxBot
2023-06-29[lilac] updated to 1.8.7-1BioArchLinuxBot
2023-06-05[lilac] updated to 1.8.5-5BioArchLinuxBot
2023-06-05[lilac] updated to 1.8.4-4BioArchLinuxBot
2022-12-06Update to 1.8.4Pekka Ristola
2022-10-21Update to 1.8.3Pekka Ristola
2022-10-03Update to 1.8.2Pekka Ristola
2022-10-02Update to 1.8.1Pekka Ristola
2022-06-07Remove check() to avoid dependency cycle with r-testthatPekka Ristola
2022-03-08Update to 1.8.0 and add check() functionPekka Ristola
2022-02-13Import from github - Cartiaux
2021-12-03Fix PKGBUILDViktor Drobot
2020-12-13UpdateViktor Drobot
2020-09-07Update 1.7.1Viktor Drobot
2020-06-26Update 1.7.0Viktor Drobot
2020-02-03Update 1.6.1Viktor Drobot
2019-05-03Fix build commandsCsonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Bump versionCsonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Fix md5.Csonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Fix src link.Csonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Update SRCINFOCsonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Fix src link.Csonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Fix src link.Csonka Mihaly
2019-05-02Re-upload package to AURCsonka Mihaly
2019-03-24Re-upload package to AURWard Segers
2018-06-12Update optdependsAlex Branham
2018-06-10Account for sp renameAlex Branham
2018-05-31Upkg 1.5Alex Branham
2016-08-11updateXiang Gao
2016-08-11init versionXiang Gao