AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate to 1.9.1Pekka Ristola
2022-11-06Update to 1.9.0Pekka Ristola
2022-08-10Fix tests to work with r-vctrs 0.4.1Pekka Ristola
2022-02-27Build against system cctz and add check() functionPekka Ristola
2021-12-06Fix PKGBUILDViktor Drobot
2021-10-10UpdateViktor Drobot
2021-03-02UpdateViktor Drobot
2020-11-15UpdateViktor Drobot
2020-06-10Update 1.7.9Viktor Drobot
2020-04-06Update 1.7.8Viktor Drobot
2019-09-30Fixed PKGBUILDDrobot Viktor
2018-06-10Package r-cran-lubridate to r-lubridateclintval
2018-06-07Typo in dependency rcpp to r-rcpp, againclintval
2018-06-07Typo in dependency rcpp to r-cppclintval
2018-06-07Added additional dependencyclintval
2018-05-12r-cran-lubridate to 1.7.4clintval
2016-10-25Initial version (1.6.0).Florian Wagner