AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-05Bump to use versions mar17 and 17.03 of dependent software.Bastian Löher
2016-10-10Use dev branch.Bastian Löher
2016-10-10Use dev branch.Bastian Löher
2016-10-10Fix fairroot directory.Bastian Löher
2016-10-10Bumped versions to may16 related ones.Bastian Löher
2016-06-08Update dependency version numbers.Bastian Löher
2016-05-20Update dependency versions.Bastian Löher
2016-05-14Update fair* version numbers.Bastian Löher
2015-09-29r3broot has moved to git.Bastian Löher
2015-09-29Fix version numbers.Bastian Löher
2015-09-29Bumped dependent fairsoft version.Bastian Löher
2015-09-29Initial commit moving to AUR4.Bastian Löher