AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-16updpkgsumsPedro Gabriel
2021-02-16Add pahole as dependecyPedro Gabriel
2021-01-21Add myself as mantainerPedro Gabriel
2021-01-21Update .SRCINFOPedro Gabriel
2021-01-21Update to 1.035.03Pedro Gabriel
2020-05-01Updated: 1.035.02GoliathLabs
2020-01-12Updated to 1.035.01Felix Golatofski
2019-04-21Update to version 1.034.02JSH
2019-01-21Update to version 1.033.00JSH
2018-02-09Fix typoJSH
2018-02-09Linux 4.15 patchJSH
2017-11-10Update to version 1.032.04JSH
2017-07-01Update .SRCINFOJSH
2017-06-30Linux 4.11 patchJSH
2017-02-26Update to version 1.031.02JSH
2017-01-22Minor URL changeJSH
2017-01-22Prefixed www to the upstream domainJSH
2016-10-26Update to version 1.030.02JSH
2016-09-14Linux 4.7 patchJSH
2016-06-03Update to version 1.029.00JSH
2016-02-24Remove install scriptlet (DKMS package now uses alpm hooks)JSH
2015-10-27Update URL and remove download instructionsJSH
2015-08-27Add a placeholder for source fileJSH
2015-08-27Initial commitJSH