AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-07chore: update to 9.013.02 and change source url to githubAlex Avance
2024-01-08Update to 9.012.04Alex Avance
2023-11-05Update to 9.012.03Alex Avance
2023-04-28Update to 9.011.01.Alex Avance
2023-03-21Update pkgrel to 2.Alex Avance
2023-03-21Fix support for kernel 6.1 netif_napi_add_weight.Alex Avance
2023-01-09Update to 9.011.00.Alex Avance
2022-05-05update to version 9.009.00Bernd Amend
2022-04-04update .SRCINFOBernd Amend
2022-04-04add patch for 5.17 provided by jekerBernd Amend
2022-03-22Update to 9.008.00.Alex Avance
2021-11-27Update to 9.007.01Alex Avance
2021-08-22Update to version 9.006.04Bernd Amend
2021-02-20Fix SRCINFO.Alex Avance
2021-02-20Update to 9.005.01Alex Avance
2020-11-24use _pkgname and pkgver in the source urlBernd Amend
2020-11-24incorporate comments by aravanceBernd Amend
2020-11-23incorporate comments by aravanceBernd Amend
2020-11-21partially revert previous commit ...Bernd Amend
2020-11-21execute make twiceBernd Amend
2020-11-21install kernel modules to the extramodules directoryBernd Amend
2020-11-21update to version 9.004.01, fix rebuild on updateBernd Amend
2020-07-26move the module file into the subdirectory for corresponding linux versionShen-Ta Hsieh
2020-06-08Update to 9.003.05Shen-Ta Hsieh
2020-03-24Update to 9.003.04Shen-Ta Hsieh
2020-02-27update .SRCINFOShen-Ta Hsieh
2020-02-27add linux-headers makedepends for missing /usr/src/linux/versionShen-Ta Hsieh
2020-01-24fix dkms configShen-Ta Hsieh
2020-01-24Update to 9.003.02Shen-Ta Hsieh
2019-07-10Initial commitShen-Ta Hsieh