AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-04Update to radare2 4.0.0bartus
2019-10-19Determine radare2 version in depends array.bartus
2019-03-14pop versionbartus
2018-08-20update deps radare2(2.8)>radare2-git(2.9)bartus
2018-08-19pop versionbartus
2018-08-19change plugin path from USER to LIBRbartus
2018-08-10remove oboslete patchbartus
2018-04-05reintroduce Makefile.patch, make vala fix dynamicbartus
2018-03-24fix valabind missing libbartus
2018-03-24drop Makefile.patch, already in upstreambartus
2018-03-24r2pipe moved to separate repo, fix Makefile scriptbartus
2015-10-04Made a split package for r2-bindings and r2pipel0gic
2015-07-15Fixed dependencies according to guidelinesl0gic
2015-07-07Fixed conflicts and providesl0gic
2015-07-07Removed actual binding in favor of r2pipel0gic
2015-07-04Initial importschrotthaufen