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11 hoursAdd SyslogIdentifier.Donald Webster
2021-06-03Update to v3.2.2.5080.Donald Webster
2021-05-28Update to v3.2.1.5070.Donald Webster
2021-05-18Update to v3.2.0.5048.Donald Webster
2021-05-04Update to v3.1.1.4954.Donald Webster
2021-02-05Update to v3.0.2.4552.Donald Webster
2021-01-14Remove not really needed items from service.Donald Webster
2020-12-10Update to v3.0.1.4259.Donald Webster
2020-11-28Update to v3.0.0.4204.Donald Webster
2020-07-05Update to v0.2.0.1504.Donald Webster
2020-02-19Update to v0.2.0.1480.Donald Webster
2019-12-02Update to v0.2.0.1450.Donald Webster
2019-11-25Add SyslogIdentifier to service file.Donald Webster
2019-06-30Update to v0.2.0.1358.Donald Webster
2019-05-06Update to v0.2.0.1344.Donald Webster
2019-02-04Update to v0.2.0.1293.Donald Webster
2018-11-13Update to v0.2.0.1217.Donald Webster
2018-09-09Remove syslog.Donald Webster
2018-09-09And wants.Donald Webster
2018-09-09Switch to -online.Donald Webster
2018-08-28Add --debug flag to mono for better troubleshooting.Donald Webster
2018-08-01Use more effecient chmod.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Switch to recommended Restart and KillMode.Donald Webster
2018-07-12Make desription a tiny bit better.Donald Webster
2018-06-11Update to v0.2.0.1120.Donald Webster
2018-05-27Switch to Radarr github.Donald Webster
2018-05-15Add log symlink to /var/log.Donald Webster
2018-04-29Add #comment to tmpfiles file.Donald Webster
2018-04-17Update to v0.2.0.1067.Donald Webster
2018-04-17Update to v0.2.0.1066.Donald Webster
2018-03-16Switch to systemds tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2018-03-04Update to v0.2.0.995.Donald Webster
2018-02-28Remove MONO_TLS_PROVIDER=legacy and --debug option from mono command.Donald Webster
2018-02-21Update to v0.2.0.980.Donald Webster
2018-02-06Update to v0.2.0.935.Donald Webster
2017-12-14Update to Webster
2017-10-09Update to v0.2.0.870.Donald Webster
2017-09-11Actually update sha512sum.Donald Webster
2017-09-11Update to Webster
2017-08-28Update to Webster
2017-07-05Make libgdiplus optdepends.Donald Webster
2017-06-20Update to Webster
2017-05-19Actually run 'mksrcinfo'Donald Webster
2017-05-19Remove provides radarr.Donald Webster
2017-05-19Remove usage of msg2.Donald Webster
2017-05-15Use legacy tls provider.Donald Webster
2017-05-13Update to Webster
2017-05-11Update to Webster
2017-04-18Update to Webster
2017-04-10Update to Webster