AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-21Version bump 0.2.8Ted Alff
2019-10-20Version bump 0.2.7Ted Alff
2019-07-09Version bump 0.2.6 + backport python3 port for rt2rtng scriptTed Alff
2019-03-17Version bump 0.2.5Ted Alff
2018-10-18Version bump 0.2.4Ted Alff
2018-07-14Version bump 0.2.3Ted Alff
2018-06-20Disable -Werror to allow compilationTed Alff
2018-04-25Version bump 0.2.2Ted Alff
2018-03-11Version update 0.2.1Ted Alff
2018-01-04Version bump 0.2.0Ted Alff
2017-12-04Add patch so compilation does not fail on jsoncpp deprecated symbols.Ted Alff
2017-10-08Version update: 0.1.8Ted Alff
2017-09-21Some fixes for boost>=1.65. Don't build tests regardless if GMock is installe...Ted Alff
2017-09-02Version update: 0.1.7. Port to appindicator3Ted Alff
2017-06-29Add lsb-release as make dependTed Alff
2017-06-29Version update 0.1.6Ted Alff
2017-05-12Move dependencies for radiotray bookmarks -> radiotray-ng format to optdepends.Ted Alff
2017-05-03Initial importTed Alff