AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-05Revert to the latest beta build 2.14.3.b161Ted Alff
2020-01-10Version bump 2.15.2 (b164) Newest, not necessarily a beta versionTed Alff
2019-03-17Version bump 2.14.3.b159Ted Alff
2018-10-17Update dependency to libidn11 that's now in community.Ted Alff
2018-10-16Update libidn compat dependency since it is already in the AUR.Ted Alff
2018-10-16Version bump 2.14.3.b158Ted Alff
2018-01-18Version bump 2.14 beta build 154Ted Alff
2017-12-23Version update 2.14.b153Ted Alff
2017-12-05Remove duplicate icu55 dependencyTed Alff
2017-12-05Initial commitTed Alff