AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-19Upgrade to version 6.0.1Musikolo
2020-12-09Also switch package url to httpsMusikolo
2020-12-07Switch to https linksMusikolo
2020-12-07Upgrade to version 6.0.0Musikolo
2020-07-01Upgrade to version 5.9.1Musikolo
2020-04-04Upgrade to version 5.9.0Musikolo
2019-12-16Upgrade to version 5.8.0Musikolo
2019-04-30Upgrade to version 5.7.1Musikolo
2019-02-27Upgrade to version 5.7.0Musikolo
2018-10-05Fix compatibility issues with some UI tools such ArkMusikolo
2018-10-02Add unrar to the provides arrayMusikolo
2018-10-01Upgrade to version 5.6.1. Link rar to unrar commandMusikolo
2018-06-28Upgrade to version 5.6.0Musikolo
2017-08-14Upgrade to version 5.5.0. Replace md5sums with sha512sums for enhanced security.Musikolo
2017-07-16Update to new upstream version with no static filesMusikolo
2016-02-16fix provides valueFadeMind
2016-02-13PKGBUILD small fixesFadeMind
2016-02-13rar 5.3.0-1FadeMind
2015-05-25upgpkg: rar 5.2.1-1taylorchu