AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-04Switch to git pkgverrnd_ash
2020-08-07Update to 1.5 - Add CLI/Daemon PKG referencernd_ash
2020-07-251.2.2 - Support blade stealth 2020rnd_ash
2020-07-17Update to 1.2.0rnd_ash
2020-07-08Version 1.1.0rnd_ash
2020-04-17Fixed stealth 2019 GTXrnd_ash
2020-04-16V1.0.4Ashcon Mohseninia
2020-04-11Fixed directory install issueAshcon Mohseninia
2020-04-10Update to 1.0.3 (Adds blade 2019 base support)Ashcon Mohseninia
2020-02-24Updated conflicts with openrazerAshcon Mohseninia
2020-02-24Updated srcinfoAshcon Mohseninia
2020-02-24Bumped driver version to 1.0.2Ashcon Mohseninia
2020-02-21First version of PKGBUILDAshcon Mohseninia