AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursThis install file is now redundant with hooksDaniel M. Capella
2 daysTouch upDaniel M. Capella
2018-10-170.40Daniel M. Capella
2018-10-14Update to PyQt5Daniel M. Capella
2018-08-07Revert to razercfg as pkgbaseDaniel M. Capella
2018-08-07Split into razercfg and razerd packagesDaniel M. Capella
2018-03-04Update email addressDaniel M. Capella
2017-07-27Package contains architecture specific filesDaniel M. Capella
2017-07-11Remove hardening-wrapperDaniel M. Capella
2017-03-280.39Daniel M. Capella
2016-12-11Clean up install fileDaniel M. Capella
2016-10-300.38Daniel M. Capella
2016-08-10update pkgdescDaniel M. Capella
2016-08-100.37Daniel M. Capella
2016-07-150.35Daniel M. Capella
2016-07-090.34Daniel M. Capella
2016-01-020.33Daniel M. Capella
2015-07-04razercfg 0.32 releasedpolyzen
2015-07-04minor cleanupspolyzen
2015-07-04add hardening-wrapper to all the thingspolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg 0.31 releasedpolyzen
2015-07-04gcalcli,razercfg: small cleanuppolyzen
2015-07-04add vim modelines and remove ident strings here-and-therepolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg: use validpkgkeyspolyzen
2015-07-04quoting cleanuppolyzen
2015-07-04Format cleanupspolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg: 0.30 released & included pgp sigpolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg 0.29 releasedpolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg 0.28 releasedpolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg: systemd and udev paths fixedpolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg: workaround to relocate service unitpolyzen
2015-07-04razercfg 0.27 releasedpolyzen
2015-07-04initial commitpolyzen