AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-03Update to version 6.19.325-1kewl fft
2019-01-16Update to version 6.19.107-1kewl fft
2018-09-18Update to version 6.18.907-1kewl fft
2018-07-12Update to version 6.18.625-1kewl fft
2018-03-29Update to version 6.17.1113-1kewl fft
2018-01-15version 6.17.1113kewl fft
2017-12-10Added armv7 armv8 archAliaksandr Stelmachonak a.k.a. ava1ar
2017-09-10Initial commit after RealVNC split of server and clientAliaksandr Stelmachonak a.k.a. ava1ar