AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-04use standard-ish pkgver()Cody P Schafer
2018-05-27fix doc fileCody P Schafer
2017-01-18Force building with 1 coreCTech
2017-01-18Fix a build issue with greater than 4 CPU Cores by limiting the number of CPU...CTech
2017-01-17Update to r201CTech
2017-01-09Fix build error due to removing sqliteCTech
2016-12-27Update to latest commit (r171)CTech
2016-11-09Updated to latest version and changed package versioningCTech
2016-10-06Updated to r40CTech
2016-07-30Updated to latest git commitCTech
2016-07-04Changed DescriptionCTech
2016-07-04Updated to latest versionCTech
2016-04-28Updated to latest versionCTech
2016-02-29Fixed backup pathCTech
2016-02-29Fixed an issue in backupCTech
2016-02-28Updated to latest versionCTech
2016-01-01Update to commit 4032b98CTech
2016-01-01Rolling Back to previous versionCTech
2016-01-01Updated to commit 4032b98CTech
2015-09-27add armv7h to archvlad
2015-08-16add git to makedepends, reaver-wps-fork-t6x to replaces/conflictsvlad
2015-08-14add armv6h archvlad
2015-08-10cut off "v" prefixvlad
2015-07-14Initial importvlad