AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-10Update to 3.22.0winlu
2022-11-09Fix issue with new completion pathwinlu
2022-11-09Update to 3.20.0winlu
2022-10-07Update to 3.19.0winlu
2022-02-26Update to 3.18.0winlu
2021-09-05Update to 3.17.0winlu
2021-05-24Update to 3.16.1winlu
2021-04-14Update to 3.14.4winlu
2020-09-11Add new ignorewinlu
2020-09-11Update to 3.14.1winlu
2020-07-24Update to 3.13.2winlu
2019-08-22Update to 3.12.0derwinlu
2019-06-02Update to 3.11.1derwinlu
2019-05-31Update to 3.11.0derwinlu
2019-05-25Update to 3.10derwinlu
2019-01-03Update to 3.8.0derwinlu
2018-12-17Update to 3.7.5derwinlu
2018-09-14Change to erlang/rebar3derwinlu
2018-09-14Update to 3.6.2derwinlu
2018-08-28Update to 3.6.1derwinlu
2018-06-20Update to 3.6.0derwinlu
2018-06-18Update to 3.5.3derwinlu
2018-05-07Update to 3.5.2derwinlu
2018-01-03Update to 3.5.0derwinlu
2017-11-22Update to 3.4.7derwinlu
2017-09-11Update to 3.4.4derwinlu
2017-08-22Update to 3.4.3winlu
2017-08-05Update to 3.4.2winlu
2017-05-28Update to 3.4.1derwinlu
2017-04-02Update to 3.3.6derwinlu
2016-12-28Update to 3.3.4winlu
2016-11-05Update to 3.3.2derwinlu
2016-06-21Update to 3.2.0derwinlu
2016-06-10Update to 3.1.1derwinlu
2016-04-29Update to 3.1.0derwinlu
2016-03-09Upgrade to 3.0.0derwinlu
2015-11-15move patching to prepare()derwinlu
2015-11-15update to beta-4derwinlu
2015-10-04fix build error if not done in a git repositoryderwinlu
2015-10-04update to beta-3derwinlu
2015-08-27update to beta-2winlu
2015-06-30update to beta-1derwinlu
2015-06-30Port from aur3 to aur4derwinlu