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2024-02-06Bump to build_314Jason S. Wagner
2024-01-25Bump to build_313Jason S. Wagner
2023-12-30Bump to build_306Jason S. Wagner
2023-12-17Bump to build_299Jason S. Wagner
2023-12-04Bump to build_278Jason S. Wagner
2023-12-04Bump to build_273Jason S. Wagner
2023-11-01Bump to build_247Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-31Bump to build_246Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-26Bump to build_239.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-19Bump to build_233.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-18Bump to build_232.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-17Bump to build_231.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-14Bump to build_230.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-11Bump to build_229, fix typos in Changelog.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-10Bump to build_228.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-09Bump to build_227, add .Changelog.Jason S. Wagner
2023-10-01Bump to build_221.Jason S. Wagner
2023-09-26Bump to build_219.Jason S. Wagner
2023-09-25Bump to build_218.Jason S. Wagner
2023-09-05Bump to build_213.Jason S. Wagner
2023-08-28Bump to build_212.Jason S. Wagner
2023-08-04Bump to build_202.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-23Bump to build195.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-15Bump to build191.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-09Bump to build183.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-09Bump to build182 -- retry, failed to bump 'pkgver'.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-09Bump to build182.Jason S. Wagner
2023-07-03Bump to build176.Jason S. Wagner
2023-06-20Bump to build175.Jason S. Wagner
2023-06-12Bump to build167.Jason S. Wagner
2023-06-09Bump to build166.Jason S. Wagner
2023-05-04Remove errant space.Jason S. Wagner
2023-05-04Revert to build_119.Jason S. Wagner
2023-05-01Bump to build_141.Jason S. Wagner
2023-05-01Bump to build_136.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-30Bump to build_122.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-30Bump to build_121.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-24Remove checksum checking for README and LICENSE; unnecessary cruft.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-24Bump to build_119.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-09Bump to build_118.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-05Bump to build_117.Jason S. Wagner
2023-04-01Initial commit.Jason S. Wagner