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2023-11-17Bump to 0.11.1Allison Smith
2023-10-06Bump to 0.11.0Allison Smith
2023-09-19Bump to 0.10.5Allison Smith
2023-09-14Bump to 0.10.4Allison Smith
2023-08-25Bump to 0.10.3Allison Smith
2023-07-14Bump to 0.10.2Allison Smith
2023-06-16Bump to 0.10.1Allison Smith
2023-06-02Bump to 0.10.0Allison Smith
2023-05-21Bump to 0.9.5Allison Smith
2023-04-27fix .srcinfoAllison Smith
2023-04-27Bump to 0.9.4Allison Smith
2023-03-02Bump to 0.9.3Allison Smith
2023-01-30Bump to 0.9.2Allison Smith
2022-12-29change .srcinfoAllison Smith
2022-12-29change pkgdescAllison Smith
2022-12-29rm README.mdAllison Smith
2022-12-29Initial commitAllison Smith