AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-08fixup! added patch for PR #369Mikael Blomstrand
2021-09-08added patch for PR #369Mikael Blomstrand
2019-12-14bump pkgrel since python 3.8Mikael Blomstrand
2019-05-28added python-setuptools as a dependencyMikael Blomstrand
2018-08-09patch changed on github for some reason.Mikael Blomstrand
2018-04-04remove reference to previous (merged) package `remarkable-webkit2gtk`.Mikael Blomstrand
2018-04-04unneded filesMikael Blomstrand
2018-04-04Fetch patch from github.Mikael Blomstrand
2018-03-21Make spellcheck optional.Mikael Blomstrand
2018-03-03Patched to use webkit2gtk.Mikael Blomstrand
2017-02-11Add an extra dependencyMaryJaneInChain
2017-02-11Add an extra dependencyMaryJaneInChain
2016-08-28added dependency gtksourceview3MaryJaneInChain
2016-08-22version 1.87Michael Göhler
2016-07-19version 1.75Michael Göhler
2015-10-18workaround for GtkBuilder errorMichael Göhler
2015-07-05upgrade to 1.62 + new project URLMichael Göhler
2015-06-08initial submission to aur4Michael Göhler