AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUpdate to 2023.1.1.5Thomas Mashos
12 daysUpdate to 2023.1.1.3Thomas Mashos
2023-04-18Update to 2023.1.0.6.Thomas Mashos
2023-04-03Fix data file extensionThomas Mashos
2023-04-03Update to 2023.1.0.5Thomas Mashos
2023-03-16Update to 2023.1.0.3Thomas Mashos
2023-03-06Update to 2022.3.2.1Thomas Mashos
2023-01-20Fix build for new data filenameThomas Mashos
2023-01-20Update to 2022.3.1.3Thomas Mashos
2022-12-07Update to 2022.3.0.8Thomas Mashos
2022-12-04Update description to remove enterprise since Devolutions combined the 2 pack...Thomas Mashos
2022-12-04Update to 2022.3.0.7Thomas Mashos
2022-11-28Update to 2022.3.0.6Thomas Mashos
2022-11-14Update to 2022.3.0.5Thomas Mashos
2022-11-02Update to 2022.3.0.4Thomas Mashos
2022-10-05Update to 2022.2.2.7Thomas Mashos
2022-08-31Update to 2022.2.2.5Thomas Mashos
2022-08-17Update to 2022.2.2.4Thomas Mashos
2022-07-21Update to 2022.2.1.5Thomas Mashos
2022-07-19Update to 2022.2.1.4Thomas Mashos
2022-06-23Update to 2022.2.0.6Thomas Mashos
2022-06-21Update to 2022.2.0.5Thomas Mashos
2022-05-12Update to 2022.1.2.5Thomas Mashos
2022-04-11Upgrade to 2022.1.2.2Thomas Mashos
2022-03-29Update to 2022.1.1.4Thomas Mashos
2022-02-16Update to 2022.1.0.7Thomas Mashos
2022-01-19Update to 2021.2.1.3Thomas Mashos
2021-12-06Update to 2021.2.1.2Thomas Mashos
2021-11-15Update to 2021.2.0.9Thomas Mashos
2021-11-04Update to 2021.2.0.8Thomas Mashos
2021-10-28Update to 2021.2.0.7Thomas Mashos
2021-10-19Update to 2021.2.0.6Thomas Mashos
2021-10-05Update to 2021.2.0.5Thomas Mashos
2021-06-30Update to 2021.1.2.3Thomas Mashos
2021-05-03Update to 2021.1.1.4Thomas Mashos
2021-04-07Update to 2021.1.0.10Thomas Mashos
2021-02-04Update to 2020.3.2.2Thomas Mashos
2020-11-30Update to 2020.3.1.0Thomas Mashos
2020-11-11Fix desktop file manipulation in prepareThomas Mashos
2020-11-09Update to 2020.3.0.0Thomas Mashos
2020-10-14Update to 2020.2.5.0Thomas Mashos
2020-10-01Add a post_upgrade scriptThomas Mashos
2020-10-01Add cert extraction per Mashos
2020-09-23Update to 2020.2.4.0Thomas Mashos
2020-08-20Update to 2020.2.3.0Thomas Mashos
2020-07-29Update to 2020.2.2.0Thomas Mashos
2020-07-11Update to 2020.2.1.0 and fix SRCINFOThomas Mashos
2020-07-08Update to 2020.2.1.0Thomas Mashos
2020-06-19Add dependency on webkit2gtkThomas Mashos
2020-06-17Fixup description and install location so it doesn't conflict with free versionThomas Mashos